Bartnicy Sudetów Program

The Bartnicy Sudetów Program derives its sources from passion and knowledge about bees and their role in maintaining the biodiversity of the natural environment.

As part of the program, wild beehives are created, which are then hung in the area of over 10,000 ha of forests located in the municipalities of Międzylesie, Bystrzyca Kłodzka and Lądek Zdrój. The wild beehives are obtained mainly from trees overturned by the wind and not usually suitable for sale as a raw material for the wood industry. We produced the first 300 pieces together with prisoners from the Kłodzko Penal Institution as part of the environmental education carried out with the Międzylesie Forest Division. The target 1000 beehives will provide excellent facilities for bees to live in forest areas.

We assume that bees that live in the forest, like all wild animals, do not require human intervention. Therefore, our actions are limited only to observing and responding to factors that may directly threaten the wider bee population. That is why Bartnicy Sudetów Program is under veterinary care and bees are subject to the same standards of care as in certified apiaries in ecological beekeeping.

We do not obtain honey from bees living in the forest. The biggest value of our program is pollination of plants and, as a result, an increase in biodiversity of forest areas. That is why our project was appreciated by the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection in Wrocław, which financially supports the program.

Below are the key goals of the project:

  1. Production and assembly of 1000 wild beehives
  2. Six-year monitoring of settlement of wild beehives
  3. Planting over 80,000 biocenotic trees in forest areas
  4. Ecological education for a wide audience with a clear focus on the education of the local community, including students of schools and kindergartens, foresters, beekeepers, firefighters, prisoners, Country Housewives’ Associations, natural and ecological foundations and associations