Biocenotic gardens

In selected villages in Lower Silesia, we create biocenotic gardens with hotels for insects, which, together with educational boards, will present the issues of human co-existence with insects, without which our life would be impossible. This is an important element of the Bartnica Sudetes program, which is implemented jointly with the surrounding municipalities.

In 2019, we built two gardens in the villages of Gniewoszów and Gowrów in the municipality of Międzylesie, Kłodzko poviat. These gardens are to become a living showcase of the Bartnica Sudetes program and encourage other municipalities and villages to participate in this undertaking.

We already know that 13 subsequent villages have declared their willingness to build similar gardens. We encourage you to participate in our project. The entire cost is covered by the funds of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Wroclaw and State Forests. Municipalities only provide access to the land on which the garden is established.