Production of wild beehives

Our wild beehives are produced at the Domaszków timber yard from spruce blocks with a length of 2 meters. We mainly use raw material for wild beehives, the low quality of which often deviates from the needs of the wood market.

Initially, we produced them together with prisoners from the Kłodzko Penal Institution as part of ecological education – we produced 300 wild beehives then. Currently, our lumberjacks, Mr. Antoni Noga and Jurek Słowiński, are involved in the production. It is hard work with the use of a saw and a specialist milling machine adapted for deep drilling in wood.

Despite the huge effort we put into the production of the beehive, it takes less than 30 minutes to drill the hollow. This is possible thanks to modern tools. In ancient times, a beekeeper using only hand tools, such as a wood chisel, an adze – sometimes needed a whole year to make a hollow for a beehive.

At the end of 2018, we finished production of logs for the needs of the Bartnicy Sudetów program.