We are beneficial for pollinators

As part of the Bartnicy Sudetów program, we plant a forest – and this is a very special biocenotic forest. Almost 90,000 trees that are a useful base for bees and other pollinators will be planted until the end of the program. Mainly lindens, but also maples and other trees rich in pollen and nectar. We want the trees that are extremely important from the economic point to be accompanied in the forest by trees that will become a useful base for many animals that live in it, including bees.

We have already invited all organizations in the region to participate in the implementation of this great undertaking, in particular the Fire Brigade, hunting clubs, anglers, beekeepers, pupils and teachers, and the Prison Service. Such an important undertaking requires a huge amount of work, which we, foresters, are not able to execute on our own. This action is part of an important forest renovation plan in the Międzylesie Forest Division after the hurricane in 2015, when part of the forests was permanently damaged.