Międzylesie Forest Division


Międzylesie Forest Division is located in the Lower Silesia Voivodeship, on the southernmost tip, in the Kłodzko poviat. The southern, south-eastern and south-western part of the Forest Divisionborders with the Czech Republic.

In the area of the Międzylesie Forest Division, there are a number of biologically and landscapeally valuable species of plants and animals as well as nature monuments. Particularly noteworthy is the Wilczka Waterfall in Międzygórze. The persistent tourist on the steep slopes of the mountains and trails may encounter, among others, mountain goat, spotted salamander and, above all, bees living in the forest.

In the Międzylesie Forest Division, the bees are an important element of nature. They live, above all, in old hollow trees. This is why the implemented Bartnicy Sudetów Program is to provide bees with the opportunity to establish colonies in places where they want to live. Foresters planting trees, both those used in the wood and biocenotic industry, care about the increase of biodiversity. The presence of bees on habitats rich in food resources promotes the development of ecosystems and their sustainability for future generations.