Bartnicy Sudetów is largely an educational program. Building public awareness about the role of pollinators for the environment, the functions they play in the food production process – these are important issues that we implement. Each of us should know and understand that forests constitute over 30% of Poland’s area, that it is a natural place of living of honeybee, as well as deers, badgers and other known forest creatures. What distinguishes the Bartnicy Sudetów Program from apiaries dealing with bee breeding is the fact that the product of forest bees is biodiversity and not honey. The Honorary Patronage of the Minister of National Education testifies to the important role of forestry and natural education of the Bartnicy Sudetów program, therefore we invite everyone who wants to get to know bees in the forest to participate in educational meetings under the banner of Bartnicy Sudetów.

For this purpose, in selected places in the Międzylesie municipality, we arrange biocenotic gardens and hotels for pollinators, which, together with educational boards, will bring up issues of human intercourse with insects, without which our live would be impossible. This is an important element of the program implemented jointly with the Międzylesie municipality.

To learn more about our activities under the Program Bartnicy Sudetów, please visit the tabs assigned to individual years of our educational and promotional ectivies.